Welcome to Royalton Towel Industries

Royalton Towel Industries is a leader in R&D, Innovation and Design in the textile industry. We rely on research, customer feedback, and our industry expertise to ensure we develop products that meet our customer needs and offer solutions to the end user.

Privately owned Royalton Towel Industries has been in the towel industry for a long time. Royalton Towel Industries is a prominent and diversified business organization encompassing the Textile, Poultry, Property, Construction. ​ The Group has been very successful in adapting to new markets and business challenges, both domestic and globally. Our success is based on close and continuing customer interactions, innovative products and customer support. ​

As a customer-focused organization, we strive to fully understand current customer needs and anticipate future requirements. We continuously improve our business structure to reduce complexity and cost and to become a more market-driven enterprise that provides best quality products on low price. ​As a Group, our driving goal is to grow, succeed and become a leader in every business that we engage in, whilst adhering to our values of integrity, respect and commitment to excellence. ​We bring our traditional family values of fairness, honesty and trust to bear on modern and innovative ways of working and developing our business and associated relationships. ​We have grown to become one of the trustable company in the Country through sound financial management, a talented human resource pool, and the ability to create and avail business opportunities that fit our values.

We will continue to build partnerships with our customers, through knowledge, ingenuity and commitment of our people as well as through the products and services we offer. ​Our goal is not just to build a great enterprise for our stakeholders but also to enrich and give back to the communities in which we operate. We ensure that as our businesses grow, the communities around us get the right opportunities to develop as well. ​As a successful entrepreneur and good corporate citizen, we continue to play our role in the economic development of Pakistan. We care for the environment, communities and business associates.

we at Royalton Towel Industries believe that it is our responsibility to our stakeholders and the economic regions where we operate, to drive innovation in the global marketplace by executing initiatives that promote environmental stewardship and contribute to poverty reduction.


Our framework for sustainability encompasses environmental and social objectives within our business that impact our world. With our 20,000 associates, we have a profound influence on the communities we serve through the promotion of education, technology, health care and job creation.


Royalton Towel Industries has adopted a Triple Bottom Line approach to measure our success: People, Planet, and Prosperity. We continually strive for improvements in our processes through Lean Six Sigma, Waste Management and an Environmental Management Policy. Recognizing that sustainability is multifaceted, our product lines promote energy savings, as well as environmental and social responsibility. Our packaging concepts continually push the envelope and have resulted in a 50% reduction of PVC, polyethylene and other harmful chemicals. Throughout the value chain, we wholeheartedly embrace the philosophy of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’.


Weaving a Better World 


Understanding your needs and delivering.


Designing and producing quality home and commercial textiles that are innovative and affordable.


Producing the finest home and commercial textiles through creativity, innovation, elegance and design that appeal to the aspirations of individuals around the world.